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Previous projects

Below is a selection of our previous projects. Remember that every production and film is unique, and don't hesitate to reach out to us so that we can help you decide which kind of film suits your needs!

YiGZAW - Snett Music video

Calm, cinematic teaser for the release of music from a new, young artist. The film describes the background of the artist's music, thereby providing a greater context for his creations.

Chinese Moon Festival Concert

Our video from the celebrations of the Chinese Moon Festival in the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall is filled with beautiful music and lovely emotions. Videos from the evening has been broadcast on CCTV, the biggest TV-network in China.

Fat Franks Pizzacatering

Kort, energifylld reklam åt pizzacatering-företaget Fat Franks. Videos av denna typ lämpar sig väl för marknadsföring i t.ex. sociala medier då de är anpassade för att snabbt väcka en tittares uppmärksamhet.

Danderyd High School Party promotion video

This is a video filled with energy: fast cars, boats and helicopters, put together with the purpose of promoting an event organized by the student association at Danderyd High School in Stockholm.

Lidingö Freeskiers 2022 Skiing association

Action filled video for a skiing association on Lidingö. With the goal to inspire and attract attention a video of this kind is perfect for gaining new members or sponsors.

Elfva Art Gallery Art Gallery

Beautiful images from the art gallery Elfva located in Lidingö, Stockholm. The video portrays the art as well as its context, with the purpose of drawing attention to this wonderful, picturesque location.

Lidingö Runt 2019 Sailing contest

A summary of the 2019 "Lidingö runt" sailing contests, with images from all along the course around Lidingö, taken from both water and air.

Lidingö Runt 2020 Sailing contest

The popular competition in 2020, again with videos filled with speed, showing the sailboats cruising around Lidingö. A different year in many ways, which offered challenges with for example rain and high waves.

Lidingö Runt 2022 Sailing contest

The latest run of the sailing contest in 2022. This year we ran a bigger production with many involved parties, to create a more dynamic and comprehensive film.

Keep Running Training Inspiration

Life-style advertisment filled with energy, to establish the customer's brand as a personal trainer. The recording occurred in the beautiful environments around the course of Lidingöloppet, the worlds biggest terrain-running race.

Inte mitt problem Short film

Award winning short story, which raises the issue of drunk driving and emphasizes the importance of civil courage, in the form of a love story with parallell timelines.

Student-movie Hersby Music video

A seamless composition of popular music preformed by students at Hersby Gymnasium in 2020. This is an engaging music video which was created as a creative solution to the limitations on the student celebrations 2020 caused by the pandemic.

Lidingö Freeskiers 2019 Skiing association

Kickoff for Lidingö Freeskiers, a video filled with happiness, friends and fun activities to create interest for the activities of the coming season.

National Day 2020 Celebrations at Millesgården

Digital celebration of the Swedish national day 2020 during the pandemic, with beautiful images from Lidingö, Stockholm. Produced for Lidingö Stad.

Aarex Beard Barber

Short, stylish commercial to attract attention for the launch of a series of hair care products.

YiGZAW - DNA Music video

Teaser for the artist YiGZAW's new song "DNA". Due to limited time for recording we were forced to use only one location for filming. To still be able to create a dynamic movie a range of different camera techniques, sounds and effects were used.

YiGZAW - E.S.B.T.S.F. Music video

Teaser for the artist YiGZAWs new song "Ett steg bak, två steg fram". The film includes recording locations which were well thought through, which in combination with the artist's own story puts his music in a bigger context.